The Experience

My goal is to make everything super easy on your guys from start to finish.


Quick Phone Call

The first step is to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. I want to hear about your family and what you guys are looking for. And I’ll tell you a bit about what a session is like with me.


Meet and Greet

I used to have my kindergarten students come by my classroom and meet me before the first day of school. It helped them feel comfortable (so there were less tears) and I got a sense of their personalities. I’ve been doing the same things since I started working with clients. It really helps kids who are shy and kids who like to “perform” when they meet new people. 


The Shoot

You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. Woohoo! You don’t have to stress about what to wear or get everyone ready before I show up. You don’t have to clean your house because the pictures are about your relationships (not your house). And most important of all, everyone who hates getting their picture taken, won’t hate this because there won’t be anyone telling them what to do and where to stand. ;)


Ordering Appointment

It’s time to watch your slideshow! Crying and laughing are encouraged. Afterwards we’ll talk about how you’d like to enjoy your photos. I’ll guide you through the process of picking prints and albums. People tell me this is really helpful and makes things easy and not overwhelming. 



I’ll stop by with your art. Now it’s time to enjoy the photos on you wall and in your lap, surrounded by your kids.

These photos are so amazing!!! You made Charlie and me both get weepy looking at them. You are an incredibly talented photographer. Thank you a million times!!!
— Maria, Day in the life
We have very much enjoyed working with Bridget —she is great with the kids (and even I enjoyed the photo sessions, which is really saying something given that just the thought of being in photos is typically painful for me). And we are thrilled with and will always be glad to have the albums she put together for us.
— Mike, 2 Hour Session
Are you coming to our family Valentine’s Day Party? You’re like a part of our family now.
— Hazel, age 5, Half Day in the Life