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mom comforts daughter
mom and dad work together to take care of 3 month daughter in old town alexandria


A month into parenting I called my mom sobbing. "This is ironic that I'm going to say this to you, but I don't know who else to tell. Being a mom is a thankless job." Her response, "Haha. I know!"

I'd had it with everyone (including me) telling my husband what a good dad he is. (Which he is.) But no one (besides myself) had told me what an good job I was doing. 

I felt like no one even saw me, the mom. 

"I feel validated having you witness my day." A mom told me this at the end of a Day in the Life session. Now I truly understand what she meant.

I see what a good job you're doing. I see the love you're constantly showing your family. A pat on the head, a hug after a fall, a look of pride, pushing through the daily grind, and laughing at all the silliness. I see it. I document it. You get to keep a record of it forever.


The Experience

"That was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be."

- all Dads, kids and everyone who hates getting their picture taken, but mostly dads

You just gave me the most amazing gift. Freezing a day like that. I get to have them this young forever.
— Kate, Day in the Life