“I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful pictures. My gosh, my entire family is freaking out. My stepmom and grandmother already have a few of the pictures on their refrigerators (they are buying frames this week – ha ha). Everyone is so psyched to have a family shot. You really captured both of the girls. It’s amazing that Lucy cannot stop goofing around long enough to get her picture taken but the two shots you gave me are a rare glimpse of a smiling, calm Lucy.”  –Nicole, At Home Session


“Thank you for playing cars with me today.” –Levin, age 4, Day in the Life Session


“I mean . . . Wow. These are, once again, incredible. You are insanely talented. I love these so much! You are such a pro at catching people in such a way that is natural and fun and honest. Can’t wait to share these with my friends and family. I wish I had better words to describe how lovely a photographer you are (don’t know any of the proper artsy jargon) but the bottom line is I just love how beautifully you have captured my family. Thank you Bridget!!”  -Alexis, At Home Newborn Session


“Are you coming to our family Valentine’s Day Party? You’re like a part of our family now.” –Hazel, age 5, Day in the Life Session


The photos are fantastic. You really did such a great job of capturing both of their spirits. I’m so thankful to have these photos as a reminder of such a precious time in our lives. I’ll definitely be hiring you for another shoot in a few months. Thanks so much!!!! -Jami, At Home Session


Can you stay for dinner? Please?! -Mason, age 6, Half-Day in the Life Session