Stuff Kids REALLY Want for Christmas | Washington DC Family Photographer

Newsflash! It’s not what they think they want!

I’ve photographed a lot of kids. I’ve been around even more kids as a teacher and a swim team coach.
Now I’m a mom.
I know my stuff.

Here’s a list of 11 ideas that will entertain them for several minutes while you go to the bathroom by yourself.

kid dumps water out of a watering can

1. A Watering Can. She played with it for 45 minutes. She wasn’t even two yet. 45 minutes!!!!!!

boy and his aunt play light sabers with vacuum clear parts

2. Vacuum clear parts make excellent light sabers. Did you know that?!

little boy explores the pool deck

3. A pool filter top. There is seriously cool stuff inside of those!

girl jumps on her bed in a tutu

4. A bunch of pillows to jump into!

a boy pushes all the button on a parking meter in old town

5. A parking meter. Just hang out by the parking meters in Old Town. Lots. Of. Fun.

boys eat ice cream

6. Ice Cream. Lots and lots and lots of ice cream!

little girl primps in the mirror

8. A Mirror! Need I say more?

family makes a gingerbread house together

9. Candy. Just all of the candy. One kid told me that Santa is bringing him candy and he didn’t seem to care about the presents AT ALL!

baby chews on a diaper box

10. If you only get your kids one thing for Christmas, get them a box. You seriously don’t need anything else.

boy and his mom dance to moana in their kitchen

11. A Dance Party with you! In the end, what kids really want is time with their parents.

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