This is different.

Let’s start with a slideshow.

“You just gave me the most amazing gift. Freezing a day like that. I get to have them this young forever.”

little girl goes over the wrong seat in the family van

I always knew Day in the Life sessions were special and important. When I heard those words I realized the power these sessions can have. In 5, 10, 15 years, the images will matter even more.

It’s the story of your family.


Life is short. Kids grow too fast and family members leave us. What we have left is memories. Day in the Life sessions put me in the role of a family historian. I capture the everyday moments so your family can keep them forever.

Day in the Life sessions document your family’s everyday life in your home and on your daily outings. These sessions are unscripted. Wear whatever you want. You don’t need to clean your house. Just go about your day as you normally would. There will be good moments, tender moments, hilarious moments, and maybe even tantrums and I am going to capture it all.

dog watches as steak is cut

Full-day Sessions begin when your children wake up and last until they go to bed. These sessions last approximately 12-14 hours.

I know what you’re thinking! It’s long. But trust me, it’s awesome! You won’t notice my camera after the first hour. I’ll just be a friend hanging out with you for the day.


Each Day in the Life session includes:

Pre-consultation so I can explain everything to you and answer any questions you have in person or on the phone.

Meet and greet/playdate so you and your children can get to know me. When we begin the session I want your family to feel comfortable with me.

An in-home unscripted session documenting your real life moments…making breakfast, brushing teeth, playing in the park, reading books, making art, eating ice cream, the bedtime routine, whatever you normally do!

Artistic editing of your images.

A slideshow set to music to share with family and friends.

Viewing + Ordering Appointment is when you will see your images for the first time and we will go over your album design.

For more information e-mail or call 703.587.1459.
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