A Session Fee is paid in advance. Digital files and products are purchased after your session.

A Slice of Life

You hang out and be yourselves. I’ll document the little moments. You can do a lazy morning at home or go out and about. I’ve documented making breakfast, sledding, nursing, swimming, ice skating, weeding the driveway, the after school routine, a trip to the grocery store, a first taste of cake,  bath time, and siblings and grandparents meeting a new baby.

Session Fees start at $250. Collections start at $500.


Day in the Life

This is more than photos. It’s a gift for your family. I really get to know you guys, and will become a member of your family for the day. I want you to see yourselves the way your family sees you.

I’ve documented families at Costco, Eastern Market, Five Guys, basketball games, swim meets, music class, and the barber shop. We’ve biked through DC, stomped in puddles, made pizza, went fishing, had meltdowns, and lounged at home.

The Session Fee is $1000. Collections start at $1000.


Year in the Life

Four short sessions throughout the year.

I shoot events (weddings, birthday parties, baptisms, bar mitzvahs, etc.) Please fill out my contact form so I can send you a quote.

Session Fees and Collections are subject to a 6% sales tax.


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