The photos from our family sessions are in albums and all over our walls. They make me smile, remind me what life was like when our dog was the baby and what a hilarious and terrifying process it was to give Evelyn a bath at 9 days old.

They make me sentimental and proud. 

Getting your photos in your hands and on your walls is my goal. I want you to enjoy your art because I know it will make you happy. I want you to walk by everyday, and feel nostalgia for the past, celebrate your family and all the hard work you're doing.

You can choose to invest in a Full Day in the Life, Half Day in the Life, or 2-Hour Session. Session Fees include the session, editing and online slideshow. Art is purchased after your session at the ordering appointment.


Please contact me for detailed pricing and session information.



Day in the Life

Documenting your everyday life from wake up to bedtime. 12+ Hours. You don't have to do anything out of the ordinary. You family will thank you.

Half Day in the Life

4 hours with your family. Morning or bedtime routines work best for little kids. Afternoons are perfect for teenagers. A little slice of your regular life.

2-Hour Session

These sessions can include a couple of portraits. Most of the session you play with your kids. Newborn sessions take place at the hospital or at home.