dad helps his daughter go across the monkey bars


Why documentary family photography?

Documentary photography is the best way I can make people feel truly seen in their photographs. I can show kids’ unique personalities, parents loving on their children, connection between spouses. Since becoming a mom, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be seen as a parent--for someone else to notice all of the hard work, but also to go down in history in photographs. I believe that 30 years from now kids are going to be more interested in what their parents were like as human beings than what they looked like as kids. Photos of relationship dynamics are going to be priceless.

What’s a Day in the Life?

I hang out with you guys as a friend and document your normal, regular, boring, busy, crazy, chaotic day. (Take your pick of adjectives. Or insert your own.) It’s the easiest, most relaxed photo session out there. Parents tell me that it’s not weird having me there for the whole day (I’ve asked). Many people have called me the honorary member of their family. They’ve told me that they feel validated that someone witnessed all of the work that goes into a day. And more often than not, there are some tears when parents watch the slideshow for the first time. It’s also very dad friendly. (A big concern of mine. My husband hates getting his picture taken, and I obviously want family photographs with ALL of us in them.) There's nothing cheesy, no matching clothing, directions on how to tilt your chin, or stress to get somewhere on time.

Why do you spend so much time with your clients?

Two reasons. First, the more time I spend with you, the better I get to know you. And the better I know you, the better I’ll be able to capture your personalities. Second, I’m a moment shooter. I’m not paparazzing you all day long. I spend a lot of time watching and waiting. There are A LOT of photo worthy moments in daily life--way more than you think. But it does require time to get great genuine moments. This is why 6 hour and full day sessions are my preferred time to spend with my clients. 

What’s the ordering appointment?

After the session I’ll come over to your house to show you the photos. You can pick what you’d like to order. It can be super overwhelming to decide how you want to display your photographs so I’m there to take off the pressure and get it done so there’s not one more thing on your list. Four to six weeks later, I’ll deliver your products and you get to enjoy your new art!

How is this actually going to be so easy on me?

I’ll meet you guys beforehand so you’ll all feel comfortable the day of the shoot. I shoot most sessions at home so there’s no stress to be anywhere on time. You don’t have to put on a show for me. I am most inspired when I can tell that families are being true to their everyday life. Kids don’t have to behave. Dads don’t have to do anything cheesy. “That was a lot better than I thought it was going to be” is my favorite dad compliment. Afterwards, I’ll come over after the shoot to help you decide what’s the best thing for you to do with your photos. 

What’s so special about your products?

Everything I offer is unique, high quality and archival. Your products will last longer, so you’ll be able to pass them down to your children as keepsakes. There’s a lot of extra time and artistry that goes into my prints. After I do test prints, I spend time making further adjustments to get things just right. Albums are designed to tell a story. Prints are mounted and matted to preserve them for years to come. And I order them and put everything together so you don’t have to!

I mean . . . Wow. These are, once again, incredible. You are insanely talented. I love these so much! You are such a pro at catching people in such a way that is natural and fun and honest. Can’t wait to share these with my friends and family. I wish I had better words to describe how lovely a photographer you are (don’t know any of the proper artsy jargon) but the bottom line is I just love how beautifully you have captured my family. Thank you Bridget!!
— alexis, 2 hour newborn session