Day in the Life on Capitol Hill | Washington DC Family Photographer

Holy Moly. Turns out I haven't blogged all year. That's a big marketing no, no. But wait, I was pregnant, had a baby and I've been working on keeping her alive while running a business. So I'm going to go ahead and give myself a break! I also feel compelled to tell you that these photos are two years old! Connor is 3 now! 3! How the heck did that happen? I didn't realize how quickly time moves until my daughter was born. (For about 15 years everyone in my life that I see on a regular basis has looked the same. Grown ups!) Bring a kid into your life and suddenly you look back at photos from the spring and you (and by that I mean me) are like, "Holy Shit. How did I not notice this was happening?!


A Day in the Life. They are freaking magical. They are incredibly normal. But there's magic in the everyday that you might not notice. One of the biggest benefits I've gotten from being a Washington DC Family Photographer is the ability to notice that things are actually really funny when shit is hitting the fan. That things are sweet and beautiful when my daughter gets hurt and we are comforting her. And the weirdness. Kids are so weird. Why do you keep throwing your favorite stuff animal overboard? You are going to miss it!!!! I really truly cannot wait until our Day in the Life. A record of all the hard work, exhausting bad ass parenting and who knows what else that day will bring.

On this day we road bikes around DC. I was pretty scared because I had never ridden a road bike before. I wasn't wearing a helmet. I was attempting to photograph at traffic lights. I'm a total klutz so I could see bad things happening. But oh was it worth the risk. Biking is this family's THING. And what a perfect way to get around DC! 

My favorite moment of the day was when Jen and Sean took Connor for his first haircut. Everyone at the shop was so excited to see them. The stylist was a master at cutting a crying toddler's hair. He was so friendly. Mom did an amazing job comforting Connor and Dad rounded off the teamwork with a pouch and saved the day! 

I can't forget about Charlie. He is a BIG part of Connor's newborn shoot. He's the first kid and Connor's protector. He came upstairs for naptime, bedtime and bathtime. A first! 

This was such a great day and has been such a treat to relive as I put this blog together. I'm going to have to keep this up! I hope you have either enjoyed this stream of consciousness writing or that you just skipped to the pictures. My kid has taught me that perfection is a waste of time and I just need to get things done. So if you see a typo, let me know because I can't reread this because my kid just woke up from her nap! 


Mom kisses her 1 year old son in their home in Washington DC's Capitol Hill neighborhood.
Dad hasn't completely woken up yet and he must make sure that his toddler doesn't slam his fingers in the entertainment center door.
Boy plays peekaboo with mom.
Charlie the family dog joins mom as she gets Connor from his nap.
Mom and son break for a light as they ride a bike on Capitol Hill.
Dad pushes his toddler at a Washington DC public park.
Dad pushes his son on a swing at a park on Capitol Hill.
Mom reacts to son's enjoyment of the swing.
Mom talks to her son before they bike in Washington DC.
Toddler eats his lunch at Boxcar Tavern across the street from Eastern Market.
13 month old holds dad's hand as the family leaves Boxcar Tavens
Family goes shopping for dinner in Eastern Market.
Family rides their bikes through Lincoln Park.
Boy examines bikes hanging up in the garage.
Dad gives toddler a pouch during his first haircut.
Family takes a walk in their Capitol Hill Neighborhood.
Boy and his dog look to mom as she cooks dinner.
Toddler watches his dad grill burgers.
Charlie the family dog participates in bath time.
Mom and dad read their son The Going to Bed Book at storytime.
Mom and dad say goodnight to their baby.

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