A Day in the Life | Vienna Family Pictures

I’ve documented quite a few families in their first homes just before they move. New routines, new grocery stories and new activities come with a new house. So lots of families want to document their lives before their next adventure. But people can be hesitant. Parents tell me that they are busting at the seams of their small house. It’s dark. It’s cramped. It’s a mess. I get it. But it’s your first home. It matters. And your kids probably won’t remember it without the pictures. We split the Day in the Life into two mornings because Mom’s favorite day of the week is Fun Friday. Of course, we needed dad in the photos, so I came back two days later and documented their Sunday morning.

Fun Friday is a lot of fun. It started with a music class for babies and young children. It was the best of the best of controlled kid chaos. The kids sang, they played instruments of bowls, spoons, and cymbals and danced with scarves.

Our next stop was Patrick Henry Library. Mom demonstrated some seriously talented parenting skills as she oversaw her oldest son check out books as the little one kept trying to crawl behind the desk to visit the librarians.

Dad gets up early with the kids on Sundays so mom can sleep in! He made strawberry muffins with the boys and held the little one the whole time so he could see.

Watching the boys play in the puddles was pretty hilarious because they had such different opinions on getting wet. I’ll let you guess who was all about falling in the puddles!

kids participate in vienna music class for babies and toddlers
kids run around at vienna music class
boy visits the children's section at Patrick Henry Library in Vienna, VA
Mom reads her son Click, Clack Moo Cows that Type at Vienna library
mom wrangles kids as she checks out library books
family grocery shops at Whole Foods in Vienna, VA
mom and son laugh during lunch
dad bakes muffins with his sons
mom comes down to the kitchen to say good morning
dad puts son down for a nap
boy concentrates as he glues a piece onto his lion puppet
vienna family pictures
mom snuggles with her son after a nap
dad brushes kids teeth
family plays basketball outside in the rain
boys dunk play basketball
mom takes wet rain boots off her son

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