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It's so funny for kids to see their parents act like kids. The big secret is that our playfulness has just been dormant inside of us for years, waiting for someone to come along to ask for a water gun fight. I'm not sure what was funnier to Freddie, watching his parents run around the yard chasing each other with water guns or his mom coming up with the brilliant idea of dumping out dad's water when his back was turned.

little hand making pancakes on saturday morning
siblings play at the breakfast table
dog shakes hand as family plays super mario chess
dad and daughter wait for food at district taco in old town
mom dumps the water from her husband's water gun before the fight
mom chases dad with a water gun
mom slathers sunscreen on her son's face
father and sun walk to the pool in the waynewood neighborhood in alexandria
son jumps off of father's shoulders at the waynewood pool
dad has a tea party with his daughter
mom laughs at her sun doing the chicken dance
boy contemplates his options during a game
parents hug their children after dinner