The Renaissance Family | Reston Family Photographer

They are the Renaissance Family. Mom and Dad encourage their children's interests in art, science, and sports. The kids have wonderful imaginations, vast knowledge of sharks (scientifically and artistically), and creative pancake requests. They like to ask questions and think about answers. This was one of those sessions where I came home and said to my husband, "We need to have kids right now."

little boy loves his pancake shaped like an eye
little boy pretends to be sleeping as mom comes upstairs
mom multitasks getting two kids out of the van
little league team cheers
mom wipes baby's nose with her sock
family crosses the street together on a neighborhood walk
mom buckles son in the car
baby doesn't like sharing her stroller with a picnic basket
dad teaches son how to fish
family has a picnic together
father and son walk like sloths and make mom laugh
little girl plays in pretty light
mom looks at dad as she hands him their daughter
parents help little boy who cut his knee
mom and dad smile at each other
one year old eats peas
parents enjoy a chaotic dinner with a bottle of champagne
little boy eats pizza in his underwear
mom kisses son goodnight