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Did you know that humans start developing their personalities in the womb? I find this fascinating. Being pregnant right now I am constantly making predictions on what my baby is like. She's a party animal so I am convinced that I am going to have my hands full. My favorite part about photographing Bernadette and her parents is that her personality shined through right away. She had opinions. And she was not afraid to let you know what they are. I have never seen a newborn who preferred to sleep on her side. I didn't even realize that was something they could do!

northern virginia newborn photographer
portrait of newborn baby
mom changes newborn baby
dad rocks newborn daughter
parents hold newborn daughter
northern virginia parents snuggle with newborn daughter
dad swaddles his newborn
newborn prefers to sleep on her side
parents laugh as they soothe newborn baby
northern virginia mom snuggles with newborn baby

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