I Love this Cake so Much! | Northern Virginia Birthday Party Photographer

Some kids could care less about their birthday cake. They are more curious as to why everyone is gathered around them and staring at them. Other kids freaking love their cake. The stick your face in it and give it a hug kind of love. They look at their parents with wide eyes asking, "Where has this been all of my life?!"

Wills was in the latter group. Obviously. He made one of the biggest messes and the clean up process was just as funny as the actual eating of the cake!

baby friends say hello at a 1st birthday party
dad puts the 1st birthday cake in front of the birthday boy
dad laughs at son's reaction to trying cake for the first time
northern virginia birthday party photographer
northern virginia first birthday party photographer
mom and grandma clean up the birthday boy after he is done eating cake
birthday boy claps with a guest
mom plays with her son at his 1st birthday party in alexandria va

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