Meeting Phoenix at Reston Hospital Center

The mother baby wing of a hospital is actually one of the happiest places on earth. It's where your realize that heartwarming isn't just a sweet adjective but an actual feeling that can be experienced. Just look at the face of a parent, sibling or grandparent who meets a new baby for the first time. (Toddlers can be the exception.) Phoenix's room was full of so much love. There were so many people there to meet him. It was tricky maneuvering around and making sure I didn't block anyone's view. He was passed around to grandparents, aunts, uncles and and cousins.

I was so touched when Kevin explained that childbirth was the hardest thing he's ever seen anyone do. You could really tell her was so proud of Christal.

Both grandmothers were in love with the baby, but still moms to their own kids. You could see them trying to make sure that Mom and dad were ok. They were there to help, if Mom and Dad wanted help. Because they were in charge now.

And Mom. Christal was already a mom just hours in. You could see it in her smile as she watched her family members hold him. Phoenix came out with a beautiful head of hair. But she spoke up when it was time to put the hat back on and keep him warm. I photographed Christal's baby shower just 10 days before. Her love for her family and friends is so strong. It shines on her face the whole time. Not everyone wants a hospital room full of visitors right after birth. I was surprised to see so many familiar faces when I walked into her hospital room. But it just made so much sense.

It's been a year since I took these photos. They mean a lot more to me now that I've had my own daughter. I understand that love. The grateful feelings towards your family, the nurses and the hospital staff.

parents look on as grandmother holds her grandson at reston hospital center
grandmother hands grandfather their grandson
mom wraps up her son at reston hospital center
mom gives dad the baby at reston hospital center
newborn baby yawns at reston hospital center
dad looks at his new son in the hospital
dad kisses mom as she holds her son in the hospital
grandmother says goodbye to new mom and her newborn
grandmother holds newborn baby
northern va newborn photographer takes portrait of baby with lots of hair

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