A Day in the Life with the New Baby | Northern VA Family Photographer

This Day in the Life was on the new baby’s 11th day of life. It looks SO MUCH DIFFERENT than our 11th day with Evelyn. But that’s the big difference between new parents and seasoned parents. Your parental skills just get more amazing every day and with every kid. I am in awe of parents and all of the hard work that we do.

father gets son up
father snuggles with the new baby
parents get children out of the van in the home depot parking lot
parents watch son look at the drills at home depot
son hugs mother and new baby brother
parents share a moment as they get their children in the car
father plays with children at five guys
family packs up after eating at five guys
family gets kids in the car
mother hugs two of her children
mom looks at her daughter as she nurses her son and father comforts his son
family eats dinner
mother and son laugh during dinner
mother comforts her daughter who does not want to go to bed
mother gets her daughter dressed for bed
father comforts baby as he puts his oldest son to sleep