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As a Washington DC family photographer, I think one of the best ways to explore our historic city is by bike. It's fun and you can avoid traffic. So when I first talked to Andie on the phone, I was excited to hear that riding bikes is one of her family’s favorite activities to do together. And I was super impressed that they biked from their house in Alexandria all the way into Washington DC.

Family bike rides take a lot of prep: pumping tires, packing snacks, applying sunscreen, sweeping cobwebs from the bike trailer. I loved documenting all the work (as well as the fun) that goes into family outings.

We couldn’t have gone on a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The DC humidity had dissipated. There was a breeze in the air. It was September 11th. It made me happy that 15 years after the tragedy that I was documenting a family that was enjoying time together on a beautiful day.

We biked from the family’s house in Alexandria to the Jefferson Memorial. We stopped at Gravelly Point Park for snacks and Frisbee throwing. Gravelly Point Park is absolutely beautiful. I’ve loved visiting the park since I was a kid. There’s lots of open space and you can watch planes take off and land at Reagan National Airport.

We parked the bikes and explored the Jefferson Memorial. DC is truly a beautiful city and we are so lucky to live here.

dad gets bikes ready for a family adventure in washington dc
kids check how their bike lock works
mom put sunscreen on her 5 year old daughter
girl catches a frisbee at gravelly point park
washington dc family photographer
dad and daughter chat during a snack
teenager hangs out at gravelly point
girl eats an apple at gravelly point
family prepares to continue bike ride in washington dc
family bikes across the 14th st bridge in washington dc on september 11th
family dismounts bikes at the tidal basin
boy walks his bike in front of the jefferson memorial
family photography in washington dc
family rests during a bike ride things to do with kids in washington dc
siblings hug each other on the steps of the jefferson memorial in washington dc
family bike ride in washington dc in front of the washington monument

Bike riding is a great way to see Washington, DC with kids. If you’d like to document your own family adventure or Washington, DC vacation email Washington, DC family photographer Bridget Eldridge at or call 703-587-1459.

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