A Day in the Life at Glen Echo | Washington DC Family Photographer

I loved Glen Echo Park when I was a kid. It’s such a strange place. It’s a little eerie. It’s very cool. It makes me wish I could have experienced it in it’s heyday. It almost feels like the set of a movie. But it’s a set of history. It’s a lot easier to imagine what the amusement park was like than lots of places you could visit. I’ve never visited another place like it.

I love when I get to photograph families enjoying the things that I enjoyed as a child. Some are simple like baking or reading books. It transports me back in time. It lets me feel like what it was like to be a kid.

Being a kid is the best.

Watching kids enjoy their childhood is a close second.

mom and her daughters make scones
girl hangs off the kitchen counter
sisters read a book
girl blows bubbles
dad turns daughter upside down
girls run at glen echo park
granddaughter traces her grandfather at glen echo park
sisters laugh on the carousel at glen echo park
cousins play with a toy airplane
girl watches the toy airplane her dad threw
aunt watches her niece dance on a picnic table
girls eat ice cream at millie’s in bethesda
mom hugs her daughter in child’s room