Welcome Liam | Alexandria Newborn Photographer

I was never a baby person until after my baby became a toddler. Now I think babies are the best. Minus the sleeping part.

They are so snuggly.

They sleep in your arms.

They don’t run away from you.

You can binge watch “The Letdown” (Whoa! Season 2 is out), “Catastrophe” (I wish I was this funny in my daily life, but we aren’t comedians) and “Mad Men” (gave me so much anxiety that life used to be like this for women and relief that things have changed).

They can’t talk back.

You can take them places and they sleep through it.

They are just so, so, so cute.

mom snuggles newborn son in alexandria
dad changes baby’s diaper and laughs
mom wipes newborn’s face
mom feeds new baby and dad looks on
baby stretches after eating
mom looks at newborn son