A Sunday Afternoon | Arlington, VA, Family Photographer

I am always looking for ways that family members are showing each other love. It might be actual hugs and kisses, or it might be joking around, playing with your kids or creating a game with your siblings. I find that there’s a lot of love in every family. We all just show it differently.

Since I’m always looking for love, I always end up finding a spot in my heart for everyone that I work with. Maybe that’s weird. But it’s true.

And then some families end up treating me like family and that is the absolute best. The Godfreys are one of those families. They always make me feel like I’m a part of their family. And I always have the best time spending time with them.

Here’s a regular Sunday afternoon, full of sports (not surprising since we we when to three games last time), a trampoline, a water gun fight, and really yummy food.

kids run with dogs at gravelly point park in arlington, va
family plays baseball in gravelly point
boy swings a bat
boy runs past first base with his dog on gravelly point park
dad tries to block his son’s football kick
mom hugs her daughter in arlington va
boy points to a plane taking off above gravelly point
dog gives a kiss
silhouette of a boy in arlington va
family walks with washington dc and the united states capitol in the background
portrait of an arlington va boy and his dog
kids jump on a trampoline
mom laughs with her son
girl fires a water gun
boys have a water gun fight on a swing set
dad chases kids with a water gun in the backyard
mom hugs daughter
brother and sister look at star wars robot character
boy looks in the window with binoculars
mom raises her eyebrow when her son says he doesn’t want broccoli
family says prayers before dinner
mom and dad talk in the kitchen after dinner

mom and dad talk in the kitchen after dinner

dad reads a bedtime story
mom kisses her daughter goodnight