20 Reasons Why Summer Day in the Life Sessions are the Coolest

It’s summer and that’s a big relief to me because I couldn’t keep my daughter inside any longer! I’m so happy to spend time outside with her enjoying the pool, bubble machine and going on walks. The summer is absolutely made for Day in the Life sessions. There are so many fun things to do with your family and evening light after dinner is just really, really beautiful.

I believe every family needs a Day in the Life session. We are having ours done in July. I’m really looking forward to having pictures that are proof that I’m doing a good job. That’s another blog post. This one is suppose to be fun and funny, so let’s move along with that!

Here are 20 Reasons why Summer Day in the Life Sessions are the Coolest!

1. Getting outside and helping your kids with the monkey bars.

dad helps daughter do the monkey bars

2. Witnessing your mom’s defense skills.

dad throws a basketball while mom blocks him

3. Dripping ice cream cones

ice cream cone drips as boy eats it

4. Lounging at the beach with some seaweed.

girl hangs out on the beach in orange county

5. Eating outside with your dad’s head on top of you.

dad gives daughter a hug

6. never ever wearing shoes. ever.

dirty foot as kid gets on the trampoline

7. Wearing goggles OUTSIDE of the pool.


8. Vacations with boat rides and your grandfather kind of freaks you out on a turn.

girls ride a raft on the back of a boat

9. Grossing out your extended family with jellyfish.

family looks on as teenager removes jelly fish from the water

10. Playing tag in bare feet and tutus.

mom runs after her kids playing tag

11. Splashing your dad in the face even though you don’t know it.

boy splash his father in the pool

12. Teaching your kids how to navigate branches in the woods to find a good spot to pee.

dad walks in the woods with his son

13. Zip lines with grandpa.

grandfather pushes his granddaughter on a zip line

14. Riding bikes with your family.

family rides bikes on the boardwalk in huntington beach

15. Learning how to cast a line with your dad.

dad helps his son cast a line

16. Watching your kid slip and slide.

mom watches her son splash down a slip and slide

17. Mom and Dad do unusual things, like have an epic water gun fight.

mom and dad have a water gun fight

18. You can relax.

boy relaxes in the pool

19. After dinner walks through your neighborhood.

family takes a walk in the capitol hill neighborhood of washington dc

20. Mom and Dad let you stay up late to watch a show because there’s no school tomorrow.

family watches tv together