Kids Cooking Class with Together We Cook

My husband and I are loyal fans of “Master Chef Junior.” I am not normally into cooking shows. But these kids are impressive and there are some really funny moments. I am REALLY into eating, but cooking is not my thing. I’ve been hoping that my child will take over all the cooking, but it seems like all the kids learned from their parents.

Mari Coelho runs cooking classes for kids age 3-16 at Together We Cook. I recently photographed one of the classes. Mari is patient, organized and she’s getting kids to eat food that they might not normally try. I was so impressed with the class and I can’t wait until my daughter Evelyn is old enough to take one of her classes.

Check her out. She’s teaching kids to make sushi and gnocchi this month! Here are some of my favorite photos from her class.

sign at together we cook in alexandria, va
kids learn about beets to make pink hummus
boy eats pita in cooking class
Chef Mari teaches kids about making hummus at Together We Cook
Boy empties chick peas into food processor
kids have a silly moment in cooking class
Mari teaches girl how to safely peel a carrot
boy works on peeling a carrot
cooking teacher reads a book about food as the kids eat the pink hummus that they made
Bridget Eldridge