Aidan Turns One | Washington DC Family Photographer

It's always wild going back a year later and seeing a child who has quickly become a toddler. I photographed Aidan as a newborn and again at three months old when his great grandfather was in town from Argentina. He was the same baby, but totally and completely different. It's always so hard to wrap my head around it because time goes so quickly. I asked dad if it felt like time flew by and he said, "No! It was the longest year of my life!" Which is amazing. And true. And so honest. And now as a parent of a one year old myself. I completely understand what he meant. 


mom holds her one year old son
portrait of one year old boy
grandmother reads a book to her grandson
grandmother counts with her grandson
grandfather makes a funny face at his grandson
grandfather and grandson type on a keyboard
dad laughs as the family sings happy birthday
one year old boy eats his smash cake
aunt feeds baby his cake
baby has fun in the bath
mom dries baby off after a bath
Bridget Eldridge